2023 Super Duty LED Low Beam Headlight Strobe Kit

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Limitless Autoworks Plug & Play strobe light harnesses are the PERFECT solution when you need to have strobe warning lights on your truck.  The days of having to add extra aftermarket lights in your front grille, or drilling into your head / tail lights to add a bulb are long gone.  Limitless strobe harnesses are plug & play to your truck's wiring harness requiring NO CUTTING OR DEPINNING of ANY oem wiring or plugs. We are the ONLY company on the market that can say that!  One more thing NO other company can say... PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA

Our harnesses plug into the actual light heads which keeps your truck, the electronics and modules completely isolated and safe from backfeeding and premature failure. This design also gives the end user or installer many options on final set up including multiple harnesses strobing multiple different patterns as well as being able to syncronize up to 8 kits together to strobe the same pattern.  Each EXCLUSIVE Limitless Strobe Module has 29 built in patterns standard, including the ability to wire in steady burn (scene lighting) to each kit.

This kit strobes the LED low beam headlights ONLY.  Additional Limitless kits can be purchased to work with this kit to add even more warning lights to your truck.